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Promoting & Selling Your Art

Published Date: 16. May 2017

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Learn to promote yourself and your art in a professional and successful way, learn from the bestselling author and successful artist Carole Katchen how to …


  • build your reputation as a professional artist – Are you sick of being considered an “amateur” or a “housewife”-artist?! Professionalism starts with your image and the presentation of your work. From your personal appearance and your resume to building your credentials you will learn how to show everyone, that you are an artist and must be taken seriously. People won’t laugh anymore about your art, they will buy it!
  • price your work for maximum profit – Do you wonder how to price your work? This is one of the questions we get most frequently asked by artists. We will show you how to price your art for the highest profit and how to avoid spoiling your market value.
  • find the right gallery for you – Seeing your work hanging in a respected gallery. Having the own art shows featured in the media and having prominent guests. Those are the dreams of many artists. Get a look behind the scenes to see what makes the difference between the frustrating run from one gallery to the other and galleries wanting to feature your work. Being able to judge the sale potential and standing of a gallery can boost your career instead of losing money with a “black sheep” of the gallery world.
  • feed and care for collectors – The collector is the artists best friend. If you build a solid base of your own collectors, you will not only make a living from your art, but finally earn the money and enjoy the lifestyle you always dreamed of. Turn collectors into your loyal fans and get your art sold, even before you have created it.
  • organize and execute successful exhibitions – Are you tired of exhibitions where you end up sitting alone in the showroom for the whole day or people eat your refreshments and don’t buy a single piece of art? Learn how to plan and promote and how to get the right people to your show.
  • showcase your work in the right frame and close the sales – Are you afraid of the people asking for the price? Or do you even hide from your audience, because you don’t know what to say if it comes to selling? Making a sale and closing a deal can even be fun. We will also tell you how you can invest in your own future, so that not only your buyers will profit financially from you as a rising star in the art world (Pablo Picasso was a master of this often neglected “investment technique”).
  • get attention from the media – Do you want to know how to get the media involved? Media coverage is not difficult at all, if you know how the media business works and which buttons you have to push. When you see your art in the newspaper, that is not only good for your ego, but for your bank account, too.
  • and many more tricks and hints, that you don’t have to learn the hard way.


Isn’t it always easier to ask someone, who has already been there, how to get there than making all the mistakes oneself?



Tricks, hints and secrets of success from the real world: The bestselling author Carole Katchen

For more than 40 years Carole Katchen has been a professional and successful artist and author. Her award-winning paintings, sculptures and printings have sold in 32 countries on 6 continents. You can find her work in private and public collections, including the collection of Bill Clinton, the former president of the United States.


Katchen has published 17 books, which have sold over 1 million copies and she has written numerous magazine articles for Cosmopolitan, Parents and several art magazines. She is also a Contributing Editor to The Artists Magazine and a featured columnist for International Artist. Above all: For decades she has been a successful artist herself.


Based on her own experience Carole Katchen knows the artists’ problems around promoting their art. That is the reason why she wrote this book already in 1978 to show artists the secrets of success in promoting and selling art. During the past decades she has proven herself, that her advice really works “out there”. She has up-dated her book in this special eBook format, too.

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